The Speeek global SIM saves up to 87% on voice, text and data in 190 countries. Simply insert Speeek SIM card into any unlocked phone and enjoy low cost international roaming. You don’t need to sign any contract and have full control over your roaming expenses.


Is it right for me?

Using your mobile abroad may be very expensive. Business travellers or holidaymakers often exceed their roaming allowance. With Speeek we bring down your costs of using mobile phones abroad by up to 87%. Mobile telephones and mobile Internet have become essential in our lives. They are even more useful when traveling abroad. That's when contact with relatives, customers, business partners and access to current information is crucial. Speeek makes your life easier and lets you feel safe by having at hand contact with the whole world.


How does it work?

Speeek SIM is a seamless callback service. When you make a call, Speeek SIM picks it up, connects  it to the number you dialed and calls you back, subsequently bridging the two ends of the line. This ensures that the call travels exclusively through our partner network, generating savings and guarantee best quality.